excerpt 3 – The Pea in the Pod

I went to lie down on the bed, meditate again, and things kept flowing.









As the energies of the pyramid open (the “pea in the pod”), each of its four sides will unfold. This will be when knowledge will be accessible to all. The great changes within humanity’s consciousness will occur. This is the feminine aspect of the root chakra.

I was then shown a chart of civilizations and ages:

Aquarius begins at the end of the cycle of Love. As we go back up the triangle into the cycle of Gods, we will have the potential of re-creating humanity and taking ourselves to a new level of understanding, of behaviour and of life itself. Of course, we can choose destruction or create beauty for ourselves. The sign of Aquarius sits directly opposite the sign of Leo. The Sun rules in this constellation, and this has a very important meaning (- could this be about 2012?).

In regards to the astrological or historical application of these ages, maybe this will make sense. My feeling is that we have gone full cycle many, many times before.

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