excerpt 2 – The Result of Correct Perception

Life is full of mysteries!

Symbols are all around us – we see them in cathedrals, churches, temples, mosques, pyramids, in nature and in fairy tales – the list goes on. They are in advertisements, on cars, and even the most insignificant products that we use and discard each and every day. Even though, like each of us, I had seen them, I had never really seen them until now. What is the significance of these signs and symbols – what is their function? I have begun to understand the misuses of these ancient and beautiful, life-affirming messages and talismans. It is only now my eyes can see these signs for what they are. Have these symbols been taken and used for selfish gain by those around us, those who wish to rule the world? I am not an expert nor qualified representative to judge who or what is right – it only happens that I am now able to feel these sacred symbols in my heart as parts of a blueprint for humanity. Our inevitable growth as individuals and evolution as a species has begun again.

Here I will recall the details of my recent five months in which my five spirit guides, as described in the third chapter, revealed a deeper meaning behind both their existences and mine. Jeshua, Elohim Orion, Morning Star, Many Feathers and Hannahim had transformed themselves right before me, or it may have been that I had transformed myself. I had always seen them as separate entities, existing as individuals, just as we see ourselves. They had always taught me in their own unique and distinctive ways. Now, not only were their teachings becoming deeper, they as individuals became interconnected. Lessons would now come hard, and fast – all inter-related, but still fragmented. It was like dumping a box of puzzle pieces on the table, and trying to sort through things only as the image grew.   

Before I continue, I must point out just a few things:

As I have said, I have never studied religion or other orthodox beliefs. There are many subjects I could elaborate on, but I choose not to at this time. Also, I still have many questions, but I will present those only as they arise in my experiences – my questions always come with an interrogation point. All this to say that I will never turn a question into a statement of fact. This book is about my own growth process, and how spirits have taught me. I cannot change these things as I have learned them, for I am not qualified to do so. I cannot change anything as it has been given to me, for these things are not mine to change. In this way, I am only a scribe, not a philosopher. I am not presenting theory or supposition, I am only relating experience, and only as it happened.   

Another thing to understand, too, is that not only is everything interconnected, but it is also multi-dimensional. Because of this multi-layered, multi-dimensional quality, language, either spoken or written, is really ill-suited to convey what goes on above the surface of the waters in which we live. Everything “above” us tends to refuse hard definition.  

What about life in the three-dimensional world – what is this phenomenon? What are the secrets of the Gods and the Goddesses? Secrets are buried within secrets, and what are secrets to us are only that – they are not secrets to the Gods. It is only for us to decipher the hidden meanings and messages as these things arise in this physical world. As Jeshua once told me: “Knowledge is the result of correct perception.”  


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  1. siderealview said,

    February 26, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    ‘knowledge is the result of correct perception’ – I adore it. And as you so clearly say, acting as scribe and not philosopher is a blessing in disguise: it gives us the ‘allowing’ attitude which makes it easier for the V-I-B-R-A-T-I-O-N to penetrate, percolate, permeate…. thank you Cathy – this is inspiration indeed.
    Marian – siderealview

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