excerpt 1 – Oh, What a Feeling

“One’s soul’s purpose is to reconnect with it.”

Everywhere around me I kept hearing, “peace of mind, have peace of mind.” This was puzzling me. What is peace? What is mind? What is peace of mind? It was peace in my heart that I needed, not in my mind!  

So this is where it started – I sat comfortably on my bed and took a few deep breaths, just wishing for a little of that peace, and immediately what I got was so much more. I was just sitting there on my old bed, breathing slowly, and Oh, what a feeling! I was completely aware of where I was; in my body and on my bed, and an energy of some kind was flowing into me and it kept on flowing! It was filling me with peace, love and ecstasy! This continued for some time – this astonishing energy was coming right into me from above! Then I saw a face, and I knew it to be the face of Jesus.

At some point, I must have lost all bodily awareness, for I had no idea how long I had been in that state of “other” awareness, or how long I had been sitting on my bed for that matter. It hadn’t occurred to me to look at a clock, so all I knew was that when I came back to reality, I really knew what “peace in my heart” meant.

I looked past the curtains in my window. There was a tall pine tree across the street, a pine tree that had always been there, but suddenly it was not just another pine tree. Somehow something was different now. What had been “normal” no longer was. Everything had changed. I was seeing things differently. I was no longer sitting on my bed and I wasn’t in a dream, and yet instantly, a tangible burst of energy, one best described as Love, came right from the tree straight at me and then into me! I knew this tree had a consciousness. What was going on?

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