The Voice of the Pyramid

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“The Voice of the Pyramid – a Blueprint for the Coming Age”
Cathy Evans    

The bird tribe came in very strongly with a new energy. They had a message:

“We are in urgent times. You humans need to raise your consciousness, so we, beings of other dimensions, can raise as well. If you choose otherwise, all of us will go down into lower vibrations. This is the time and it is urgent!”

seed of life 

No one can ignore a message like this. We have to be responsible not only for ourselves, but also for our planet, the next generations and even other dimensions! We are in the midst of knowledge, science, and an age of excess and irrelevant information. We are therefore hypnotizing ourselves into apathy without using any wisdom whatsoever. It is time for all of us to realise that we are spirits on this beautiful Earth, and the wake-up call has
come. Let the Magic begin!   

Life is a mystery in every way and we have forgotten. …   

As a child, I could observe ants for hours, going back and forth, carrying loads that were bigger than themselves. Growing up in rural Europe on a farm, I had the trees, the streams, the flowers, the animals and my father as my teachers.  

Life was dazzling, showing me near to ordinary and unimaginable beauty each new day! The mundane world of human pursuits didn’t suit me, being in opposition to the world I witnessed otherwise – going to school and church were not so pleasant. Being confined in a room at school only to learn the dogmatic ways of humans was not my cup of tea. The corporate logo of the Church of Europe displayed with its dead, bloody and pathetically beaten body on a cross was gruesome to me, and each Sunday I
was told to bow before it. It felt dead, and it was dead.   

However, Mr. Delphinium, a friend of my family, was magic. He was the local village healer and recognized by the locals as such, but he never went to church. He was an outcast of our community, but he was a local resource
when other solutions failed. People needed him.   

My sister and I had warts all over our hands. Our mother rubbed them with a piece of potato and then buried that same potato in the ground at the full Moon. The warts were still there. We then tried the yellow juice of a local
plant on those same warts and again, nothing happened. We tried a modern pharmaceutical product, and nothing.

So we went to see Mr. Delphinium. We had to go for three days in a row, first thing in the morning before breakfast. Mr. Delphinium took our hands in his, and while his lips moved in silent prayer, he circled his hands over ours, blew on them and that was that!   

Three days of treatment in a row and then a week passed – the warts disappeared. Gone completely! Gone were the warts from both my sister’s hands and my own! Now that was magic! If this was all in the mind and was only caused by the powerful suggestion that this healer had the touch,
maybe, but we had the faith that the other methods would work as well, only to no avail. Also, I had seen him doing healing on some sick or injured farm animals, and they would recover. Did these animals succumb to the power of suggestion?   

Mr Delphinium told me one day that he had acquired his gift from an old woman who was dying. She passed the secret on to him. He also said that if he gave his secret to anyone he would lose this power, following the law and
nature of this tradition. In an instant, that comment was engraved into my mind! I had to be there when this man died!   

I was no longer in Europe when I learned of his death, but I think that he was an important figure to me so that I would know of the hidden mysteries, the secrets of life and the mystical side of another dimension that society doesn’t regard as important.   

Even though I didn’t receive “the secret” from him, I would, in later years, receive a secret from another source. After searching for my path in this world, stumbling, struggling and learning of its ups and downs, I decided that I had finally had  enough.  I was in my twenties and the system I had accepted from our overlaid heritage wasn’t working for me anymore. I knew life couldn’t be about making money, getting married, making babies, working and  dying. There had to be something more!   

Naturally, I went into a phase of withdrawal. I had a job as a CNA in a retirement home, enjoying the work of helping others, listening to the life stories of the elderly residents, the seniors of our culture, and sharing love with them. After work, I didn’t feel like going out to socialize and party with my friends. I just wanted to be alone with myself – simply by myself.   

This is when, one day, I decided to sit on my bed, back against the wall and cross-legged, taking deep, slow breaths. This simple act was how it all started for me, and it has since led me on my own mystical path through life, a different path than any offered to me before this time. This path has been a journey of self-discovery. In its unfolding, it has shown itself to be a process, an order for my understanding. Isis, the veiled Mother of All That Is, has her own way of revealing herself, sometimes in   powerful ways and at other times gently, removing her veil slowly so we don’t think that we are going crazy.   

Life is full of “wow” moments, and when we put those moments together we find out that there is a meaning behind it all. There is a pattern to the puzzle  – an intention behind it, and a message within the pattern of this tapestry of life. For years I had been keeping a journal of my experiences and my thoughts, my observations and my dreams, and my meditations and those “wow” moments: things that I just couldn’t explain.   

I just have to say that I am not an academic and I don’t belong to any organisation, let it be religious, magical, or fraternal, and I have no desire to be so. I enjoy my personal skeptical qualities and my own potential, and this works well for me. I don’t use drugs either, unless a glass of wine or two is considered a drug. If my path parallels any religion, mythology, philosophy or any other path, this has happened of its own accord, for of those things, I know nothing. This is the path I have been shown, the path I have traveled and the path that has given me a certain
knowledge. I can only nurture new wisdom to sprout from within me and from what I now know.   

In spite of my own difficulties, I have only been encouraged to be patient – understanding would arise from all this. The words “Remember, remember. Go deep within your soul. Everything you want to know is right there,” have
kept me going towards an unknown and mysterious future.   

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