Love is All

I know, I haven’t been on my blog for a long time…

Life as a Virgo (regular job) and building a forever in construction straw bale house is taking its toll.

I remembered a song of the 70’s that I loved as a kid and that is my message of the day:


Some white lights in the corner of my eyes are coming, as they have done the last four winters in France. Maybe I’ll tell you what they are about soon. Vacation time is coming about. Ah, time to meditate!!!


For the Love of Mysteries

I’ve lived in America and now in France. What is the difference? Well, the question is, what do they have in common?

Mr Obama doing a cool sign….

Then today from Mr Sarkozy, in all places, doing a speech during a visit in a  hospital…

…being in trouble for some money given to his party before his election, in cash, by the richest French woman ( Loreal, you are worth it! Yes we can! Ooops, wrong country). He’ll be on tv tonight defending himself.

Cool sign, no? But what does it mean? Seems everybody famous loves it! Do they really listen to heavy metal at home???

It’s got to be an important sign I’m sure! Could this be all about Peace and Love? They all seem to be in some kind of ecstacy doing this sign.

I might start doing it!

The Sounds of Nature

The warm days are here. The frogs are singing, in harmony with the crickets, going along the waves of the moon. Once in a while, an owl joins in. The nightingale also, day and night, is longing for his mate with his amazing tunes. 

Two local women are on their evening walk in nature. Along their path, they meet two Parisian women here on vacation. They chat for a while. 

 Then one Parisian asks: “What is that noise that we hear every night that keeps us awake?” 

The two local women think and think: “We don’t know what you are talking about. We don’t hear any noise.” 

The Parisians are persistent: “There, we hear it right now! What is that noise? It’s been driving us crazy and we’ve been sleepless for a few days!” 

The local women open their ears: “We don’t hear anything.” 

Until one of them realizes what this is about: “Could that be the frogs?” 

There it was! The frogs! Some can get so used to them that they cannot hear them anymore. For others, they drive them crazy. 

Beauty truly is in the eye (or the ear) of the beholder!




Funny things that people do or say that gets me puzzled:

“Spring is late this year.”
Who says that spring has a scheduled date every year?


A man in a retirement place was upset about sharing the newspaper with others. Everyday, first thing as his routine, he checks the obituaries to see if he knows someone who died.
Does it make him feel good to see a name he recognizes?


The neighbors have bought and planted (and are proud of it) some kind of tall daisies.
They grow naturally here if you don’t mow them.


“I like to go to this and that store because he/she doesn’t gossip about others”.
And all you hear is gossip about others that this same person tells you!


“I hate cows and sheep and horses.”
“Because they have big eyes”

And, an hour later:

“I hate spiders”
” Why, do they have big eyes?”


“Sorry, my home is not clean — there’s that step at the entrance that brings in all the dirt. You know, when I go to people’s homes, it’s to see the person, not how clean it is. Sorry, sorry, my house is not clean”.


Strange, it makes me speechless and I can’t help somehow not to scratch my head, usually with my left hand.

note: to be continued, I’m sure.
Is this part of being more aware or what?

A Book Competition

Two of “my” blog-rollers and friends have entered a competition called The Next Top Spiritual Author, Marian Youngblood, a Scottish lady and Pete Madstone, an American. Let’s be international here.

We have to support them in their adventure, just for the fun of it! You may vote for them both but you can only vote once for each of them.

Here’s where to register –

Just enter your email address and chosen password, wait for a confirmation email (so there is no cheating), click to confirm and then go to these pages to vote –

Here is their links:

Marian Youngblood –

Pete Madstone –

Thank for voting !!!

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