For the Love of Mysteries

I’ve lived in America and now in France. What is the difference? Well, the question is, what do they have in common?

Mr Obama doing a cool sign….

Then today from Mr Sarkozy, in all places, doing a speech during a visit in a  hospital…

…being in trouble for some money given to his party before his election, in cash, by the richest French woman ( Loreal, you are worth it! Yes we can! Ooops, wrong country). He’ll be on tv tonight defending himself.

Cool sign, no? But what does it mean? Seems everybody famous loves it! Do they really listen to heavy metal at home???

It’s got to be an important sign I’m sure! Could this be all about Peace and Love? They all seem to be in some kind of ecstacy doing this sign.

I might start doing it!


The Elohim Orion

The reason why I haven’t been blogging these days is just because I have been wondering about my own sanity. I question my sanity because I feel some beings called the Elohim Orion on a daily basis again, and they are the ones that show me patterns. I have been feeling them on and off since 1996.

What reassures me is that it must be the sane thing to do to question one’s sanity, no? Humm… Plus, putting things on a blog is putting it out there for everyone to see. These are the things even my family doesn’t know about me. ” Hey mom, guess what? You know those Elohim that you read about in your Bible — I talk to them everyday.” … let alone telling your boss!

So last Sunday was the longest day ever, a lingering one when time didn’t exist. Even nature was standing still. I took a pen and paper and they gave me this message:

“We are Elohim Orion, creator gods of the universe, creators of your specific pattern. Gods is what you have decided to call us for so long.

“Your species still has a hard time believing that you are not alone in this great universe. You are not ready to accept our presence. Even though your telescopes show you great pictures of galaxies forming, you believe still that it is created randomly. You even believe that your own body was made randomly and your diseases are a curse put upon you.

“We are the creators of the first pattern, the most basic — the first breath. We, with you, have become co-creators of everything that you see, smell, touch, experience on your planet Earth.

“It is time now for all of us to create new patterns, new thoughts, new ideas for your evolution. It is going through time and space, the great vortex, that you will find these patterns. Most of you are already touching upon them either consciously, or in your night’s sleep.

“Co-creation with us is also in your future. A time when you, yourselves, will become gods and others will see you as such.

“The time is now for you to ponder upon these thoughts and make a decision as to where you might decide to travel collectively. We will wait for your decision, as you raise up your vibrations.”

Since these beings had given me marks on my body in the past (which I had called hickies), I asked them, that if they were real, to put another mark on my body (just not on my face). The next day I asked my husband to check on my back and sure enough I have a mark there, right behind my solar plexus. He tried to take a picture of it, but it didn’t turn out. So … Am I crazy or do I have proof?

I googled 3 pages about Elohim Orion. I saw drawings of them, but I cannot find any similarities at all. Whoever drew these made them look like Jesus with his beard and long hair. Mine are hairless with long faces. They don’t come in a UFO either. I read an article, maybe a channeling, where they talk of a divine blueprint — this is the only reference that I can connect to.

So here is my insanity. Now you know. I hope that you are just like me if you are reading this…


Since that volcano in Iceland has been erupting, we have had no airplanes in the sky. That means no noise at all, no white powder trails of pollution. The sky is pure blue.

It is interesting to notice the quietness and it makes me realize, since I was born with those big flying machines, that we are so used to hearing or seeing them. The sky today is what it was a 100 years ago!

At night, only the stars are shining. What a beauty without extra lights flashing! How great it would be for UFO’s to come at this time. There would be no mistaking them with airplanes. Will they (whoever they are) show themselves? I want to see one!

A Book Competition

Two of “my” blog-rollers and friends have entered a competition called The Next Top Spiritual Author, Marian Youngblood, a Scottish lady and Pete Madstone, an American. Let’s be international here.

We have to support them in their adventure, just for the fun of it! You may vote for them both but you can only vote once for each of them.

Here’s where to register –

Just enter your email address and chosen password, wait for a confirmation email (so there is no cheating), click to confirm and then go to these pages to vote –

Here is their links:

Marian Youngblood –

Pete Madstone –

Thank for voting !!!

An Alien Without a Television

That’s how I feel.

People spend their time talking about what they saw on TV the night before. I don’t have one and somehow feel left out of the conversation. I don’t know the shows, actors, personalities, etc, so I just listen, fascinated by it, and feeling like an alien.

Not long ago, I was with two couples who were bashing down children nowadays who have no respect for their teachers. After a few minutes, I decided to reverse the conversation, wondering about the possibility of some teachers who could have no respect for the children (hey, I’ve had some very vicious nun teachers)! “Oh no!” replied one man. ” It’s the kids, I saw it on (whatever talk show)!” he said with a wink and a proud smile. There. What can I say? I haven’t seen the show. An alien.

In the evening here there  is a great soap-opera showing 5 nights a week. Yes, even when you don’t have a TV you get to know all the programs. Everyone is in front of their TV at that time. There’s no one outside! We often joke about that if we were thieves, it would be the best time to go for it! One neighbor is very proud of this show. He tells me that his 14 year-old grand-daughter is hooked on it too. I guess that it makes him feel young? When people get together and share what they saw on that show; who’s sleeping with whom, who’s betraying whom; well… , I feel like an alien.

I was invited for lunch at some friends’ house. As I came in, the TV was there like a painting on the wall, and going full blast. I wondered if it was on just in case  our conversation got boring, or if our tongues got twisted up and we couldn’t use our mouths. Lunch was full of talk anyway, even with that background noise. Later we were on the couch, right in front of the TV and just in time for a good cowboy shooting time. I got used to hearing hunter’s shotguns on Sunday mornings every winter, but not indoors, so I jumped when this show started.  At the same time we were discussing a property that they were thinking about buying, but couldn’t make up their minds. He likes rock houses, she likes brick ones. Here there was all this shotgun noise coming out of the TV and they were discussing a serious life decision. Strange, when you are not used to it.

Then came the ads. I learned about some products that are on the market that I had no idea existed! The alien felt out of touch here!

Next was a reality show. Their son came out of his bedroom, looked at the TV and said, “Oh yes, that’s the show where this and that happens.” He obviously seemed to know all about it. So he sat down to watch it again. That was very peculiar to me.

All the time, I have people asking me, ” Wow, you don’t have a TV? How can you do it?” That’s when I feel like I must be  a survivor of some kind, one of the last of a weird species, or an alien.

I wonder how an ET would see it?

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