The Templar’s Puzzle

The puzzle is solved … almost.

After over a year of having visions of symbols connected to Templars and Free-Masonry or Rosicrucians, a mysterious ex-French spirit came to me in meditation. He told me the name of the king of France of that time and the name of the Duke of the region he was working for. I googled those names and there they were right before my eyes!

As the days developed, he told me that, as a Chevalier (Knight Templar), he went off to Egypt. It is there that he met a group of people who taught him about esoteric matters and it is with them that he found out the mis-representations (lies) of the Christian church, which he still has very strong feelings about.  After some years, he came back to France and shared his understanding openly, only to be tortured to death. He showed me a not-so-nice vision before his death. I saw him half-stripped of his clothes and completely shaven — a Templar without beard and hair! Was shaving a Templar a humiliation? That is what I felt.

A few days latter, I started to negotiate with him. I had to have something concrete from him. He told me that he had a property near our village, and even told me the name of the road. He said to look for a side-road with a line of pine trees, so I went for a drive to look. It was so easy to find! An old château was right before my eyes. I was itching to go in but thought that I should get more info from my man.

Since I couldn’t hold on to the suspense, I called the château yesterday, presenting myself as a researcher of a Templar’s home. The owner of the castle who answered doesn’t really have any idea of the exact date it was built, but knows all about the time of the revolution and the family that lived there at the time. The owner explained that the main road that passed by this (his) château was originally a roman road that went for hundreds of miles. To my surprise, he totally got into my story of the Templar who lived there.  To my other surprise, he said that he has just finish a book on how to be psychic!

I ended up being a good hour talking on the phone with this man who told me to come and visit his place any time. What could happen??? My spirit-Templar has shown me some areas of the inside and outside of this old château — things to look for. The present owner told me a rumor that there is a cellar somewhere below this castle, but there is no door to be found. He has thought of getting an ultra-sound machine.

Well, that gets my imagination going wild!


My Life in Symbols

After last year’s experiences of going crazy with pyramids and different symbols that lasted 5 months, I then settled back into normal-ness.

 It has been funny to see some of those symbols in churches or when I Google them, if I can find them at all–sometimes they might be the same or slightly different. It is funny also that they seem to be related to different traditions, but from the same core, as Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Alchemists, Templars, Cabalists, etc. and now quantum physics. I still don’t know of my possibility of having belonged to one of these groups in, lets say, a past life, or if I’m tapping into some pre-existent process. It is just too bizarre! Since I don’t “belong” to any of these groups, I cannot compare those symbols with what might be known. I am sure, anyway, that what I would be told wouldn’t make sense to me somehow.

Other symbols are coming though again now, one at a time, but different ones. They are very personal as they have always come with an understanding of spirit guides, teachers, Gods and Goddesses of yore, experiences and feelings.  Some symbols are just too impossible to trace but they feel incredibly powerful. As I am growing with and through them, I understand that they come as a process, an order of symbols that connects to higher dimensions.

Do these symbols better my ordinary life? Not obviously, but only in the sense that, since I am probably not the most gullible person, it makes me realize that everything that has been still exists. Through that which is all, there is no wrong, there is no right. It helps me to be more understanding if not more tolerant.

By the most basic of patterns that we all share and add to for our individual purposes, we are all conceived by the same geometric source. Like it or not,we are all inter-connected within this web of geometry and we are all here for the same reason, even if we express it differently. That is the beauty of it. I could just be happy and live my life with that knowing, but what can I do?

These symbols come to me at any time, during the day and at night !!!

What is The Star Tetrahedron?

For the first time in years, I finally understand what a star tetrahedron is. It appears to have many names: star tetrahedron, stellated octahedron, even double tetrahedron.

In Wikipedia, it says:

“As a compound, it is constructed as the union of  two tetrahedra (a tetrahedron and its dual tetrahedron).  The vertex arrangement of the two tetrahedra  is shared by a cube. The intersection of the two tetrahedra form an inner octahedron, which shares the same face-planes as the compound.

“It can be seen as  an octahedron with tetrahedral pyramids on each face. It has the same topology as the convex Catalan solid, the triakis octahedron, which has much shorter pyramids.”

This is alien language to me and even though everyone talks about this — for a start my husband , then quantum physicists, mystics, etc — I couldn’t comprehend it until now. We have bronze star-tetrahedron hanging from our ceiling, which was a gift from a friend, and I’d look and look at it, and nothing — until this morning, and then only if I envisioned a doubled pyramid inside! 

The thing is that I am one who primarily feels things and then I have to put them into my mind which can make things difficult for me. I feel spirits, each connected to a specific point of this star. Each point connected to a pyramid, or triangle. Each triangle is a part of the soul. Each part of the soul is connected to a higher soul. Each higher soul connects each of us together, and this is why it is never-ending.

Since I have some blockage from school about geometry/math classes (among other things), I have some spirits teaching me on a step-by-step basis. I went through a phase of seeing only geometrical patterns. Then I had the phase of learning about higher spirit teachers. Then came the phase of putting those two together: spirits on patterns. Each spirit has a specific nature as much as each pattern. The recipe of different spirits/patterns is a blueprint of the soul.

What became fascinating was that through these spirits on patterns, I was assembling a Kabbalistic  Tree of Life  (which I still don’t understand, except in my own way), the connection with pyramids, etc, and now I see the star tetrahedron with a doubled four-sided pyramid in the center.

Going into meditation, I put myself in the center of the upper of the two inner pyramids, surrounded by  my first four spirit-guides, then I move outwards with the next four, above and below. From this center is where the philosophical views of the Masters comes in, awareness and letting go of the mind — that chattering little thing. From this center is where anything is possible, accessing a higher mind, a mind that you never thought you had. From this center is where life becomes an open book, custom-made for the Self, so the Self  learns and evolves. From this center, no books, no seminars, no gurus or teachers, no other people’s thoughts are necessary. I have learned that as the Self evolves, so do the spirits that are connected to you from all other dimensions.

We are all unique beings. We are so powerful and yet don’t even know it. Not only we have forgotten because of the programming we have been taught, but we so easily forget on a day to day basis, being caught up in this society we call living. We will get it somehow, someday.

I wonder if other people have this same experience of spirits taking position based on sacred geometry, such as by the pattern of a star tetrahedron, the Tree of Life or any other patterns.

A Book Competition

Two of “my” blog-rollers and friends have entered a competition called The Next Top Spiritual Author, Marian Youngblood, a Scottish lady and Pete Madstone, an American. Let’s be international here.

We have to support them in their adventure, just for the fun of it! You may vote for them both but you can only vote once for each of them.

Here’s where to register –

Just enter your email address and chosen password, wait for a confirmation email (so there is no cheating), click to confirm and then go to these pages to vote –

Here is their links:

Marian Youngblood –

Pete Madstone –

Thank for voting !!!

A Message From Tefnut

I am the Light coming out of the Darkness
I am the Power of the Light
I am the Force
I am the “Let there be Light”
I am the Goddess of the God-Sun

Tefnut  is coming to me as a lioness Goddess. She smells of what reminds me of  Hyacinth flowers. She is the power behind the sun, using it to bring us light, warmth, enlightenment. Seeds wouldn’t  grow without her, just as we wouldn’t grow spiritually.

Her message: “For many civilizations you have revered me. Now you take me for granted. All you care about in your ways is if it is going to rain or if it is going to be a sunny day. You have lost touch with beingness. You think that the sun and its power will just be there the next day when you wake up from your morning’s sleep. You might be right, but your appreciation for us is gone. It is gone with your dullness of living only to make money. You have gone so far out away from nature. Look at the flowers, they are living a fuller life than yourselves!

“You have built a monument for me called the Great Sphinx in Egypt and the Temple of the Sun in Mexico. Look at what has happened to you now. No reverence. Just a flat existence that you call routine — dullness of your being.

“I ask you to rethink yourselves. Be in the joy of being, look around, life is abundant with life. Through my powers, you will see the Light that you are searching for. For I Am That Light. I Am Tefnut.”


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