The Bird Tribe

Well, sorry for the followers of this blog for taking my time. I have felt dry as bone for updates for a while and it is not me to make up anything unless I feel it. My life is going between transitions of deaths and newness.

I must say that I went to a funeral recently to a really cool 11th century church, in the middle of nowhere, and there were five and six pointed stars carved on the floor from the front door leading to the altar and Templar’s crosses on the walls. It still beats me as to who knew what at the time. The knowledge is just gone now…

Also, I have 3 days off, so I might call up my Templar’s castle guy to check it out. According to my spirit, I’m supposed to check on some tunnels, and not a reputed cellar that I”m told doesn’t exist.

One thing that got my interest though is from checking on my blog stats, I found out that someone found me through google-ing the “bird tribe space time.” Having experienced a group of beings that call themselves the Bird Tribe who not only have  showed me about time and space, but they are about time and space energy.

So google-ing these words, I found out that the Bird Tribes can be called “angels” or “extraterrestrials” or “Sirians.” I must admit that I cannot categorize them such as those. To me, they are just beings from another dimension, but the Sirian side is where they are connected to. How? I don’t know, but they are from the pillar connected to Isis’s energy, the alchemy and power/fears part of our beingness.

My experiences with them is different from the other energy that calls itself the Snake Clan — it’s opposite in a sense. It is when those two energies connect that you find the winged serpent or a higher consciousness (everything being so esoteric in my head that it is hard to put into words). It is all about frequencies and raising them. We, humans, are so much more than this 3rd dimension can present to our brains within this society’s materialistic brainwashing. Who are we, really?

The One of Many Feathers, an American Indian spirit, is the one who connects me to the Bird Tribe. He transforms himself into an Eagle. I was told that I am of that Bird Tribe vibration as a yellow bird. I got once the name Tiki Tiki Tanka, which I googled to find a video of three young boys doing: “tiki tiki tanka, whoo, whoo, whoo,” which cracked me up! I still don’t know the origin of this name and how it  could be related to a bird… . Sometimes in meditations one gets some weird stuff!

To me, the Bird Tribe is from another dimension, living in South America, high up in the mountains where no man can live comfortably. They can transform themselves from human to bird. They are from many races. They are helping us evolve and they desire that we get it together fast. In the beginning of my book, “The Voice of the Pyramid,” it goes:

“We are in urgent times. You humans need to raise your consciousness, so we, beings of other dimensions, can raise as well. If you choose otherwise, all of us will go down into lower vibrations. This is the time and it is urgent!”

I am aware of the Ken Carey’s “The Return of the Bird Tribes,” which I’ll have to read someday to compare.



A Book Competition

Two of “my” blog-rollers and friends have entered a competition called The Next Top Spiritual Author, Marian Youngblood, a Scottish lady and Pete Madstone, an American. Let’s be international here.

We have to support them in their adventure, just for the fun of it! You may vote for them both but you can only vote once for each of them.

Here’s where to register –

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The Pyramidal Memories Transmutation Experience

La traduction en Français est ci-dessous.

Yesterday I met with a girl for  a PMT séance. I had never heard of it and wanted to experiment something new. With a pyramid…

In brief, this is a technology that transmutes memories within the soul, aided by some encoders. Google it, it’s on the net.

The experience:

First, I saw the pyramid within the 3d eye and my crown chakra was buzzing like crazy.  Then I saw this girl, sitting in a circle with other people, in an enclosed area surrended by humongous crystals. This let me know that she wasn’t new at this kind of stuff. I also  saw a tunnel with a stack of (mirrors?) on one side.

My body was moving along, feeling energy in different places but the most intense was when she went to my throat. On the right side, it felt like a warm laser energy coming through me. That was powerful. On the left side, I got a quick headache that went up the crown and disappeared.

I must say that in the morning I had a pain in the neck. Maybe if my cat wasn’t sleeping on it at night after 10 years I’d feel better! Anyway, my neck was all better after.

One event during the séance was with one of my guides: The One Who Has Many Feathers, an Indian from a now extinct tribe. He is an Eagle spirit. He got fascinated with it!  As my eyes were closed, he came through me so I (and he) could see this girl’s light body doing aura fluffing or some kind of tai chi as she was a few feet away. He was amazed at this girl’s ability to do the eagle dance! Through me, he was tilting his head to look at this girl and say ” Gosh, this looks very familiar!” I nearly cracked up laughing out loud!

So here is the experience. Interestingly enough, last night I kept on having to throw the cat away. She was obsessed with my neck! She is even here right now on my laps wanting some attention. Hum, I’ll have to look at that cat more closely… Another thing, I keep on singing today!


Je viens de découvrir que les pays Francophones utilisent la traduction de Google. C’est très rigolo mais cela n’a aucun sens. Alors voila ma traduction, non parfaite, mais vous comprendrez un peu mieux!

Hier j’ai rencontré une opératrice pour une séance de PMT. Je n’en n’avais jamais entendu parler et je voulais expérimenter quelque chose de nouveau, avec une pyramide…

En bref, le PMT est une technologie qui transmute les mémoires désignées par l’âme par l’aide d’encodeurs. Si vous allez sur Google, vous y trouverez toute l’explication.


Tout d’abord, j’ai vu la pyramide avec mon 3ème oeil et mon chackra au dessus de ma tête était en pleine activité. J’ai eu la vision de cette opératrice assise en cercle avec d’autres personnes dans un enclos entouré d’émormes cristaux. Ceci m’a fait savoir que ce genre de chose n’était pas nouveau pour elle. J’ai aussi vu un tunnel avec une rangée de miroirs sur son côté gauche???

Mon corps était très relax, tout en ressentant des énergies dans différentes parties, mais le plus intense a été quand elle s’est concentrée sur ma gorge. Sur le côté droit, j’ai ressenti comme l’energie d’un lazer passer à travers mon cou. C’était très intense. Sur le côté gauche de ma gorge, j’ai eu très vite un mal de tête qui est resorti vers le haut de ma tête puis a disparu.

Je dois dire que ce matin là  j’avais comme un torticoli. Peut-être que si mon chat ne dormait pas sur mon cou ces 10 dernières années je me sentirais beaucoup mieux! Cepandant, mon mal dans le cou était guéri après cette énergie.

Un autre évenement pendant la séance a été avec un de mes guides (esprit). Son nom est “Celui qui a beaucoup de plumes” (bizarre en Francais), un Indien dont la tribu est maintenant extinte. Il est un esprit de l’aigle. Il a été faciné par la séance! Comme mes yeux étaient fermés, il est “entré” dans mon corps pour que je (et lui) vois le corps énergétique de cette femme pendant qu’elle faisait des gestes comme du Tai Chi autour de moi. Il était faciné par son abilité de faire la dance de l’aigle! Dans mon corps, il balançait sa tête de droite à gauche comme un oiseau curieux et m’a dit: “Regarde comme c’est bizarre, ceci m’a l’air très familier!”. Je me suis retenue pour ne pas rire trop fort!

Alors voici mon expérience. La nuit dernière curieusement, je n’ai pas arrêté de repousser mon chat. Il était obsédé par mon cou. Il est même maintenant sur mes genoux voulant de l’attention. Il va falloir que je l’étudie de + près. Une autre chose, je n’arrête pas de chanter aujourd’hui!

The Chichen or the Egg?

I just Googled  The Voice of the Pyramid and I found this on the Web through a site called Facts about which surprised me:

The voice of the pyramid: This is one of the most mysterious facts about Mexico. If you stand in a certain place by the main pyramid in Chichen Itzá, you will hear a bird-like sound. Some experts think that this is intentional, and that the Maya represented the Call of the Quetzal (a sacred bird) by building several air passages that recreate the sound when a breeze passes by.

Hummm, the Bird Tribe seems to love Pyramids, no?

The Power of X

Well, well, well. I am now seeing X’s again within my third eye. This is how it all started last year when I wrote “The Voice of the Pyramid” and it seems that there is never an end to figuring out those X’s. What is this X power? We sure see them everywhere: KleeneX, EXXon, XanaX, TeXaco, XantreX, X-ray, X-files, X-factor, etc. Of course, there are XXX movies, but I won’t go there!

I see X’s in Egypt (recall the X in the Pyramid):

I see X’s in church (Free)masonry:


and the X’s in my meditations:

This picture above is where we have been for too long. The Yin/Yang, darkness and light and all that it represents has been locked-in, constrained within this X. It is time to move on and this is how it will happen:

The two parts of the X will split apart, allowing the universal light to come through this new opening. The Yin/Yang as we understand it will become history – something of the past. I was reminded  that in 2012 our solar system will be aligned astronomically with the opening in the center of our galaxy, exposing us to a current of new energy.

Anyone who knows about the power of this X and it’s mysteries is very welcome to share their thought –  X’s have haunted me for too long!

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