Healing and Spirituality II

Even though we may find ourselves on a path that connects us to some teacher or healer, we are so forgetful that it is ourselves that heal, not that outsider that heals us. Our society surely reinforces that powerlessness. Some dogmas also are based on that lack of power: do good and be good and you’ll go to heaven, call on a saint or an angel to make things all good.  Ask God for help…

Asking for help is a calling outside of ourselves. Indigenous people seem to know better. They don’t ask outside themselves. They embody a spirit. They become one with spirit. There is no separation–no duality. They are One and the same with spirit and life. Living not far from the Lascaux caves, it is interesting to observe Cro-magnon man’s paintings. One can feel the oneness this man/animal. We might call them primitive but really, who are the primitive ones?

How long do we have to wait for help to arrive? At what cost? We have become so afraid of going within our own darknesses, our own shadows. We are afraid because we might have to change. Change is that great unknown. The unknown could be death–our deepest fear.

It really takes courage to go within our soul to find out what is there, hidden behind the veil. The dark night of the soul, we call it, the great power of the Goddess part within us.

Unfortunately, it often takes a disaster of some kind to decide to go to that dark place, without any choice–when we have lost our health, our processions or our mind. This is when we start to see little things as blessings.

No one but our Selves can find peace within. Peace is when healing occurs … or our last breath. Peace is when the soul is at One, atoned, attuned within its Self.

There is no saviour but ourselves. The saviour/spirit will not come if we don’t go within ourselves. We are the miracle and we just have forgotten, at One with everything that exists.


Healing and Spirituality

So many people on the spiritual path are into taking classes on healing and they are so diverse: hypnotherapy, past life therapy, rebirthing, seeing a guru or a teacher, etc.

Is it necessary? My answer is “no” and I think that I am the proof of it. Way before I was aware of any of these spiritual ways, I had an enlightening experience. Maybe I’m backwards? My life seems to prove it sometimes, but let me explain: all it takes is stopping. Stopping, reflecting for one second and bang —  it happens. Your life is changed forever. No pastor, minister, guru, rabbi, vegetarian regimen or specific diets, church or anything.

Let me repeat. All it takes is to stop and breathe. No special breathing technique either. All it takes is you being conscious of a desire to change. It’s just a twist in the brain, that’s all!

What do you do next? Well, since your life is now changed forever, you keep on going with your life. You learn — you evolve, I guess. You keep on observing life as it is offered you. Nothing matters and everything matters.

For my part, after my first experiences, my hands went on fire and then I found out that I could participate in people’s healings. Since I had no idea what was going on, I took different classes such as Reiki, Jin Chi, spiritual healing, etc. through different metaphysical groups. Was it necessary? I now recognise that no, it wasn’t, but I had to figure out how it worked. Even though I enjoyed the experience of learning different techniques, I must say that after some 16 years, I still don’t know how it works!

I have a friend who travels the world, going to multiple groups and teachers to find the best healing ways for himself, never to be satisfied and never to have enough. We humans make things so complicated. You can go round and round in circles when the answer is right in front of you, right where you are.

You can perfect yourself as an idea, conceptually, but perfection is impossible to achieve since perfection is impossible to pin-point. What is perfection? In the dictionary, it says: ” The state or quality of being or becoming perfect” or ” the highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait.” Is this vague, or what?

Even though there might be a stage in one’s life for one to realize that programing is running rampage with them, causing dissatisfaction, one can never attain perfection. Perfection is itself a preprogrammed concept either learned from our parents, school, religion, or society. Within our imperfections, everything is perfect!

Therefore, no healing or therapy or anything great is necessary. It’s just that “twist in the brain.” That’s all is takes. The rest is just called life — exploring, living, and being, and having awareness, intuition, and consciousness. It just IS and That is ALL.

So why do I do hands-on healing on occasion? Well, it makes me think. Maybe it’s about that twist in the brain, that message that might come out of me, designed just for that person to hear …

A Book Competition

Two of “my” blog-rollers and friends have entered a competition called The Next Top Spiritual Author, Marian Youngblood, a Scottish lady and Pete Madstone, an American. Let’s be international here.

We have to support them in their adventure, just for the fun of it! You may vote for them both but you can only vote once for each of them.

Here’s where to register –


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The Witch-Hunts are Not Over

There was an article this week in the French news that caught my eye. The title: A Report on Sectarian Nutritionists as Charlatans.

Since I have moved back to France, I am learning that anything other than the major orthodox religions are considered sects. People love to use the word “charlatan” for anyone that they don’t understand, but when someone’s painting of a virgin cries tears of olive oil, that is considered a miracle. Here, if you do massage, healing, kinesiology or any other method that relates to complimentary medicine, you have to be very careful – if you are an independent.

Anyway, back to the article. “In a quest for well-being, a New Age obsession about dieting and its philosophy are driving a growing amount of French people to nutritionists who don’t have any medical degree”.

Go to your doctor, he’ll make you feeeel goood!

This government agency, called Miviludes, whose purpose is to watch out for sectarian ways, is worried about certain “alimentary practices” where some children are fasting. “Fasting can lead to extreme results,” says one “expert”.

Would you have your child fast? I guess that some parents would.

This same man then moves onto “natural alimentation – it’s good, but you have to watch out. Everything that is natural can disguise sectarian way”.

Does that mean that the local organic-food store is a sect and they didn’t tell me? OMG! I better ask them!

“The Miviludes are getting alarmed as some organisations are growing and multiplying. These groups are considered sects in France because of the way they offer psychotherapy and alternative health practices. Last year alone, 600 new movements and practices have presented some risk. This means 500,000 people involved in these new ways. These sects are growing while proposing non-conventional practices that are done through therapies.”

I practice my own non-conventional therapies, so I must be in a sect. Those busy people haven’t counted me. That becomes 500,001 people.

The Miviludes are watching out for what they are calling “hygienic ways.” These practices are the ones that include vegetarianism, kinesiology and veganism.


The Miviludes mission is to also point the finger at any naturopathy that bans pharmaceutical remedies, even conventional medicine.

Ah, there we go again!

They are also alarmed about what they call “spiritual tourism” or ” psycho-tourism” that propose various initiatic rituals abroad.

If I ever go to Egypt on a tour, I better do really good research so I don’t fall into any sect’s nest. Thank you Miviludes.

Apparently last year, 3 important events have been reported to them that have gone to court.

Busy agency.

Next on the news – the 41st French soldier has been killed in Afghanistan.

Now that’s normal.

Sophia from Essorant explains what’s going on in her country, among the history of witches. Very interesting, she is a walking encyclopedia!

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