The Voice of the Pyramid - A Blueprint for the Coming Age

The Voice of the Pyramid FAQs

Why did you write this book?

I was basically compelled to do this, which became a driving need as the book developed.

Is this a channeled book?

No. I could not, or would not say that. At times it felt similar to an “automatic” writing experience, but that does not explain how this came about. The Voice of the Pyramid could not even be considered inspirational writing. It is, if nothing else, purely experiential – on all levels.

As the book developed, I realized that some introduction was needed before jumping into the main body of the text, so I broke out a couple of old journals to provide some interesting and essential narrative. This also provided a platform for the greater purpose of emphasizing the truly “spiritual” message of what is now called “The Voice of the Pyramid.”

Why the title “The Voice of the Pyramid – Blueprint of the Coming Age?

As the story broadened, it became obvious that to me that the Pyramid itself is a messenger and a “Voice” is the common method for a messenger’s to use. The “Blueprint” in the subtitle alludes to the archetypal pattern that is displayed by the Pyramid geometrically, finally shown to be similar in form to the Kaballistic Tree of Life.

Who would you like to read this book?

Anyone interested in personal and spiritual development. Those interested in the potentials found and achieved in meditative practices. Those who are dissatisfied in dogmatic and regimented meditative practices which lead them nowhere. Those who do, or would like to discover realities in the higher       non-physical realms.

Where did you get the idea of the Unfolding Pyramid?

It wasn’t an idea, so much as a name of a process described in the book. It was actually an initial working title for the book itself, but finally settled into a chapter title that describes a process whereby the sides of the pyramid open outwards to reveal the hidden truth within. The emphasis here is that there is a message contained in the physical nature of the Pyramid itself.

What is the Voice of the Pyramid about, and why would people want to buy it?

Most simply put – It is about a journey: one that carries a message. It is enlightening, informative and entertaining. The Voice of the Pyramid is compelling and unique, both in its message and in the delivery of the narrative.

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