The Gift of Creation

I understand now that within pure consciousness of no identity one cannot create. It is just beingness at a stand-still. One can observe but beingness  is inert in its essence. No emotions, no mind at the deepest level.

Identity is necessary to know ourselves, in spite of its illusion, as long as we don’t give it too much importance. That is what gets us into trouble! Spirits, or whatever you might choose to call them, have an identity. They have names and purpose. Even though they might interact with us, they cannot create for us, but once we tap into their creation we become co-creators with them. They become part of us and we become part of them.

Creation is one of our human traits. Mother Nature and everything that is on Earth and beyond also creates continuously, like the tree in the winter that creates its roots. It is still creating even if we don’t see it. One can create peace, but when deep peace is found there is no more desire to create. It just is – inert again.

Maybe the responsible action would be to create in balance, from a harmony within – being in the moment of creation with all it might present. From my experiences, I’ve learned that the nature of the masculine is passive and it’s counter balance, the feminine, is active. The masculine creates a thought and the creative power of the feminine transforms it, or activates it, which becomes full creation in full potential. So once again, this is co-creation within.

And now another maybe – since so many of us feel a new energy coming in, we will find wisdom to balance our creation. It is time. How do I know? Because I am changing and learning like I have never learned before!

So all I can say right now is that being here now it is a gift with all of its creative potential, but what can I say, maybe I have it all wrong?


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