Being at One with Consciousness

I can’t remember how I got there.  All I can recall is that I have to come out  from this tiny spot. It’s feeling is deep, really deep – way down from eternity.

The path is now showing itself as a spiral, from this tiny dot going upwards, wider and wider clockwise. There I go round and round, going up – it’s like being on a big freeway. As I move up, suddenly I see another road. I decide to take it to find out that it leads to  a kind of  bus station. I look around and decide that this is not the way to go. I have to find my way back to the big spiral.

I find it easily and so I continue up and up. I see another path. I follow it and this time I am in a train station full of people with all their luggage. Once again, I observe the surroundings and decide that this is of no interest to me. I find my way back to the big spiral and move up.

I ask myself: “Who Am I?” All I know is that I am consciousness, nothing else. Nothing matters, it just is, going up, up  and up. Beingness. I could stop anywhere and observe anything I would choose to, but I just want to be in that moment. There is no I, no I am,  and this pure awareness is simply experiencing the spiral.

I hear a voice asking, “Are there any cows by your property?” I need to think. Cows? Property? What’s that? Then I see a picture of a fence, cows on one side and a dog on the other. Do I know of such a thing? Where could this place be? The name Taos, NM comes to me. Oh, I think I’ve been there. Where is it? Oh, in America. Yes, I recall! I see the place. I see a fence and a dog but there are no cows. Where could this place be? I recalled a few more places but no fence, but no dog and no cows are together.

I then hear the name of a village. I’m surprised. I know the name sounds vaguely  familiar. Do I know it? Where is it? Oh yes, I see it now. Okay, do I have a property there? If so where? It took me some time to orient this village and to figure out where the land is. Ok, so there’s the fence and there’s the dog. But I tell my questioner that there are no cows around where I live.

Then I hear another clue with the word “loft.” What’s that again? What does this mean? After a while I get it. The village, the fence, the dog, the loft, and that’s where my body is laying – on the bed in the loft! So here I am, fully aware that I just had an experience of NO IDENTITY.

I know now that this is the pulling-force that was scaring me a few weeks ago. I was afraid of not coming back into my body if I ever went there.

This morning I was saved by the cows, and  here I am, on Easter day – a resurrection day.


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