The Joke’s on Me Now!

I never felt like calling myself by a cool title that finishes by …er, ….ist, …ic, …, but let me tell you that I am stupid! Let me explain:

I’ve never liked dealing with paper work, mostly when it’s government stuff. Recently I received a letter from one of our many tax offices telling me that I have 90 days to fill out a form for our property tax, or else, there would be penalties.

Well, our house is still in the making after 3 years. It is a self-build. Last year, I had gotten chewed-out by a woman from that same office telling me that we had until the end of the year to finish that house. I thought I had read that we had 5 years to finish, but, oh well…

So here’s my letter, sitting on the table, waiting for me to make a phone call and explain. For a few days I’d look at it and think: “Not today!”, ” They just want their money”, “They have no understanding for my situation”, etc. I even thought of calling and giving them a huge poor-me story. Hey, it could work!

I went into meditation and ended up in a cool conversation with myself. It went very quickly:

Why are you so afraid to call? — I don’t like that letter.

Why? — It’s the government.

So what, those people are just people doing their job, no? — Well, yes, I know.

So I thought that you believed that we were all equals here? — Yes I believe that.

So why do you believe that a person working for the government is higher than you? Aren’t you belittling yourself here? — Okay…, I get it!

As soon as I came out of this meditation, I called up. A woman answered and asked: “So when is your house going to be finished?” “Well, somewhere around fall,” I answered. ” Alright,” she said, “have fun with your project. And by the way, I would recommend you send me the paper-work before the end of the year. If you do so, you’ll get a 2 year break on your property taxes!” “How come? “I asked. “Oh it’s a new law, it’s just like that!”

Wow, she was the friendliest woman!

When I hanged up, I laughed, but mostly, I swore to myself. I AM SOOOOO STUPID!!!! All this stuff for nothing! I even told the pets that I was really stupid!


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