The Cern Experiment

On the news this morning:

Scientists at the CERN research centre will begin trying on Tuesday to make particles collide at ultra-high power and close to the speed of light to create mini-versions of the “Big Bang” that gave birth to the universe.

Still beats me that so many countries are contributing to it, sending some millions upon billions, while some people are starving to death. Anyway, just a wondering thought. There is CERN and apparently, some 10 000 scientists from 85 countries are happy.

What surprised me was when I saw this picture of a particle’s accelerator machine:

What an amazing precision of geometry! It reminds me of last year, while writing the book, seeing and understanding of some patterns. Does CERN knows about symbols and their meanings? Or is it done randomly?

Anyway, if they create a bigger bang than a mini big bang, this could be my last blog entry. Ah well…


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