Everything Exists!

EVERYTHING that we, as a whole, talk about, believe, pray to, EXISTS!

Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, angels, archangels, extraterrestrials, people that passed on, earth spirits, symbols, archetypes, on and on, exists. Even mythological beings exist.  As much as we believe that we exist, so do they. There is no separation. How? Because everything is energy and creation is endless.

I recalled in the book about my experience with Hanuman the monkey. I had never heard of him but there he was, with jewels all over. My logical mind still has a hard time to think that some people pray to a monkey, but having had the experience, why not? He exists.

Lately, mostly on strong windy days, I have felt this lioness, Egyptian spirit. Most powerful, that one. She gave me her name. It didn’t register until my husband got a book from John West on Egypt  and its sacred places to visit. I opened it and there she was: Tefnut. I was stunned!

Everything is creation, vibration, multi-dimensional. We are creators, we were created and we created ourselves so here we are now,  within this dimension. Are we going to go beyond it and learn that there is no right and no wrong? It just … IS?

There has been this rampage thing over the net about The Elites, whoever they might be, the reptilians. Those horrible things that they are, just to get us!  Really, is that what we want to create for ourselves? Fear? It’s amazing how much we love drama, as a consciousness.

There is no global devil, satan, or whatever we chose to call it. There is only our own hatefulness, angers, pains, distresses. Those are entities that we create and they stick to our bodies like a shadow. They become real! I got really scared once by an angry one during a healing session. As we become more and more conscious, it is very important to be more aware of those negative creations within ourselves and letting go of them. 

We are creators and we can create anything we want! We have the power to tap into anything! Now, what do we want to create? A new car? Lots of money? Those are individual needs. This is a me-centric. I’m talking about us here!

How about going within, deep, deep inside and figuring it out? So far as I know, in the Peace, Love and Beauty, I don’t need anything. I AM.  I Am learning along with all of it’s potential and it blows me away!



  1. Alex said,

    March 29, 2010 at 9:31 am

    What to create? It’s a tricky one. Having spent a few years fighting a bureaucratic system (in France) that seems only to serve itself, what can we put in its place? Politicians, too, seem to seek power and then do their best to hold onto it, forgetting that they are public servants – paid by the public. Perhaps fewer people are voting because we know there’s little point. What’s buying into a broken system going to change?

    In the UK, the Tories are also campaigning on the platform of change (following Obama’s victory, how uncreative is that?). But I don’t for a minute believe they would deliver the changes we really need: change in our economics, our money oriented values, our connection with spirit, our building programmes, our war mongering, our appreciation for each other.

    It has taken countless centuries to reach this point. We have a turning point in front of us. But as I’ve faced before when writing drama: What next?

    • thevoicecontinues said,

      March 29, 2010 at 2:43 pm

      Unfortunately, life doen’t come with a custom made hand book on the ABC’s on how to be a happy human!

      I think that the key here is to remain centered, in balance and forget about what doesn’t serve us, individualy. Maybe we have to think differently: what do we want to BE? Instead of what do we want to do, so we can have?

      Beingness is not a new religion. Beingness has some ripple effects, individualy and collectively. That thing in the brain, hu? What next? Beingness!!!

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