You Have to See the Humor!

The car need to be repaired. Some arm stuff by the back wheel so it went to the garage. Two days later, I get a phone call from the mechanic’s wife:

“Cathy, there is a catastrophe. Your car is a catastrophe! We took the wheel of and found that you have big, big  problem with the brakes”.

Me: “This is not a catastrophe, it’s just a car and on to of it an old Fiat, so what do you expect! Just go ahead and fix it”. Thoughts: “Just stay centered here. No need to fall for this catastrophic stuff” .

Since she didn’t know when it would be repaired and I have some appointments, she proposed to lend me one of their cars, but there was ” a big, horrible problem”, she said. They lended that car to a woman for a few days and when she returned it, there was the most disgusting smell in there. That smell cannot go away! She is not sure if it’s manure, a ferret, some kind of animal. The next day, an other customer used that same car. Early in the morning going to work, that man couldn’t stand being locked up with that smell so he had to open all the windows even though it was freezing.

No one can figure out that smell and no perfume can take it away. Even though this mechanic’ s wife was obviously devastated, I just couldn’t resist laughing as all kind of animals or possibilities for smell would crawl to mind. She started to laugh too, a bit, playing along that imagination of possibilities.

Then she tells me that there is “an other terrible, horrible thing that happened” with the other rental car (they have 2 cars).  A man brings his car to be repaired and gets their rental.  She calls him a few days later to announce that his car was fixed up. To her horror, the man tells her that he is in a clinic, in Belgium out of all place, 12 hour + drive from the garage … with their car! Then on top of it, because of his new medication, he cannot drive anymore so he is going to have to find a driver to bring him home but doesn’t quite know when. ” A Belgian joke!”, she said.

I don’t know if I was in the mood, or because I felt detached from her dramas, or the way she related her stories, but I was crying of laughter. She even got to laugh at the irony of it all! We both laughed and it felt sooo goood! That was a cosmic joke.


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