Morning Star Synchronicity

I don’t have my computer wizard american husband for a couple of weeks and english is not my first language, so bear with me for the mistakes. I’ll even try to figure out how this computer machine works! Independence, I’ll tell you… Be brave, my girl!

I have written in the book about one of my spirit guide, Morning Star: the little yellow dancing lights in the mirror of a bathroom on Hopi land, the one who removed an owl wing gift from our locked car, the one who would help me in my massage practice in San Diego and the one who got us to move to Taos, New Mexico.

One story I didnt’ tell was one of Bill. This man, of a certain age, lived in his RV and when I met him, he didn’t have the money to pay for an RV place. So I told him that he was welcome to stay on a corner of our one acre of land until he got sorted out.

 He then told me the story of his hippie times and his connections with some elders from the Taos Pueblo. So I told him about my experiences with a spirit called Morning Star.

Found out that the man who had been his main teacher from the pueblo was Tellus Good Morning aka Morning Star. I couldn’t believe it!

I found out, through Bill and others in Taos that had known him , that in the 70’s, Morning Star was a strong believer of the time changes and he was ready to share some of his indian wisdom to the hippies. So he and others taught the “gringos” what they knew.

He was a peyote man, had a church, never had any children. One thing  certain is that because of his sharing, he made a lot of enemies within his tribe. When I asked about him to the pueblo residents, they usually didn’t have nice things to say. Kind of like the traditionalists versus the new-agers.

So here I was, a gringo girl, with this indian man coming to me in spirit and showing me some ways. I got a picture of him from Paul, a scientist, who had known him well. He died now.

A few days ago, we watched a video on Drunvalo Melchizedek and my head went ding when he talked of his learning with a man called Good Morning from Taos Pueblo. It made me smile.

Now that I have no husband, I watched a video in French, an interview from a french girl to a swedish man. To my surprise, this man talked about John Kimmey, an other man I had met in Taos who had been taught by Good Morning!

I did some research on John as last time I had seen him, he was moving to Hawaii. To my surprise, I found out that some indian group is busting him for fraud. John is a teacher of the Hopi prophesies and apparently, as a white man, he doesn’t have the rights. Well, I have known John as a great Earth carer, but I’m no indian…, so…What can I say?

Next, I am googling Drunvalo’s last name. Came the word again: fraud! Seems that a few more people are after him. He is anti god apparently. Hoo la la!

So here I am, a farmer’s daughter, from Europe, a gringo, connected to Morning Star. I found this morning the picture that Paul had given to me and put it up by the computer. He seems like a nice, caring man.

I just wonder what he is up to! And I can’t help dreaming about a time when we will all feel inter-connected – the ones in body with the ones in spirit, without judgment.



  1. March 22, 2010 at 2:03 am

    great piece – lovely connection. I also googled Drunvalo’s surname & found he’d taken the name of an archangel after he was ‘born again’. Great way to do it. Why not? Besides, as you say, you can’t wait until we can all feel interconnected. I wrote a blog (well, was inspired by my Muse to write it – she bludgeoned me into it) that it’s 1000 days to go till solstice 2012 – not a bad number. And if that’s when the earth becomes heaven, bring it on! Some researchers, Hopi elders, Maya teachers, believe some of us will have it before that date. All the better! oh p.s. in my previous incarnation I was also a hippie in the good (No.CA) old days, so for me this is like I’ve been waiting for it to come around…….. 🙂
    & pps you did a great job for being left on your own without a techie!!!! bless you

    • thevoicecontinues said,

      March 22, 2010 at 11:51 pm

      Hey Marian,

      I remember you! You are the one who brought tears to my eyes when you wrote: “Will we be able to fly?”.

      Still not sure how this computer works. This is the best I can do for anyone who wishes to see a well thought site with great pictures: … until hubbie comes back.

      Well, since you have been a hippie, I can sincerely wich you Peace & Love.

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