The Dark Night of the Soul- part 2

What fascinated me the most with Mr. Lamour and his delirium was the energy, the power that I could feel emanating from that madness. No doubt, this was the same force that lead me to write my book.

 The difference? His experience was totally based on fears that he brought into that dark place in himself. Mine was accessing some inspirational insights as a surge of energy, no fears involved.

The commonalities? It seems that we both accessed our souls, connecting with some past experiences.  It is funny that we both said “Wow, what did I go through here?”

The outcome? It is my feeling that whatever we both went through had a deep effect on our healing ourselves. We learned from those experiences in profound ways. They changed us.

It is also my feeling that we both accessed the darkness of the female part of ourselves, which is where the soul and it’s experiences reside. Through it, we can either find our deepest fears or, if balanced with love and light, find our power. Black magic or white magic – either one is the way of the Goddess within us.

The “dark night of the soul” of Christianity or the “suffering” of Buddhism can be transformed. In the future, we might just call this phenomena “the light day of the soul” … or awakening! This is Power!!!


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