Dimensions and Truth

Asking about how many dimensions there are – some would say 10, some 11, 12, etc., depending on what theory or system of understanding they follow.

This is what I got – there are as many dimensions as there are truths. How many zeros do you want to add to a trillion?

Dimensions are vibrational in nature and  so are truths. They all have specific frequencies. The fact is that there is NO TRUTH. But to explain it, you will find there are 3 P’s in truth as follows:

  • Personality – this depends on the person’s attraction and disposition. Some people are attracted to learn about one specific concept that others may not be into.
  • Perception: you can have 20 people talking about one subject and they will all have different ideas about that same subject (such as the Bible).
  • Perfection: there is an inherent spiritual drive or desire for growth.

So what we call truth is just a boxing-in, a defining for understanding, of a certain vibration or idea, therefore we can call it a dimension. This explains how we are all really multi-dimensional beings, all possessing different ideas of what the truth is.

While at work, I emanate a different vibration of myself than when I meditate, cook, sleep, be or do anything else. People around me see me in  different manners, too. To some, I am a gentle person, to another an eccentric, to others a bitch, a healer, etc. , but really, who they see is just me! How they perceive me is their truth. We are multi-faceted beings within those multi-dimensions. This is  Creation and this cannot be boxed in by rigid and final definitions.

Truth is so engraved within our language. Ideas like “Tell the truth”, “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth”, “the truth is…”,” the truth shall set you free” and “the gospel truth” are no more than ideas, and it just goes on. The fact is that truth is intangible, ever-changing. The truth of 100 years ago is no longer truth today. Our 3 P’s have evolved.

There are individual truths and collective truths, so we constantly create new dimensions as we change our definitions of truth. My spirit guides present themselves differently to me now than 15 years ago. I have learned and grown and in that process, they have evolved too. This is how we are inter-connected and as we become aware of our own dimensional beingness(es) with the darkness and the light, the masculine and the feminine parts of ourselves, we change the whole universe’s truth… and dimensions.

And so, what dimensions could we be creating today?


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