The Power of X

Well, well, well. I am now seeing X’s again within my third eye. This is how it all started last year when I wrote “The Voice of the Pyramid” and it seems that there is never an end to figuring out those X’s. What is this X power? We sure see them everywhere: KleeneX, EXXon, XanaX, TeXaco, XantreX, X-ray, X-files, X-factor, etc. Of course, there are XXX movies, but I won’t go there!

I see X’s in Egypt (recall the X in the Pyramid):

I see X’s in church (Free)masonry:


and the X’s in my meditations:

This picture above is where we have been for too long. The Yin/Yang, darkness and light and all that it represents has been locked-in, constrained within this X. It is time to move on and this is how it will happen:

The two parts of the X will split apart, allowing the universal light to come through this new opening. The Yin/Yang as we understand it will become history – something of the past. I was reminded  that in 2012 our solar system will be aligned astronomically with the opening in the center of our galaxy, exposing us to a current of new energy.

Anyone who knows about the power of this X and it’s mysteries is very welcome to share their thought –  X’s have haunted me for too long!


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