A Message From the Bird Tribe

I had been puzzled by the idea that the Great Pyramid could have been some kind of super-generator that had somehow suffered from a possible explosion. Pyramids are now considered just some big piles of rocks–magnificent, but just dead things of the past.

This morning I felt the Bird Tribe coming in. They had to remind me again that as we see things from our so-called lower dimensions, yes, the pyramids can seem dead and of the past. We need to go beyond that perception. There are many dimensions, which are all vibrational. The vibrations of the pyramids are still intact if only we would go beyond our own “primitive” perceptions.

Vibration is like leaving your house to go to work. You get into your car and think you are going somewhere, thinking in a linear way, of going from point A to point B. You have forgetten that going from point A and point B is a vibrational experience. You are not going anywhere–you are shifting your vibration to match that of the place you think you are going, and the journey is representative of your gradual, vibrational shift. Once you match the specific vibration of this other place, you are there. You have drawn that place to you by simple attraction of common vibration.

The Bird Tribe are such beings that keep these vibrations of our world alive.

The pyramids are alive!!!


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