Free-masonic Symbolism?

the 33 degree

It still beats me to have seen these symbols shown below, not only within my third eye but to have felt them as well:

the Pulling

Left — I found out much later that it was Aleister Crowley that exposed this symbol, and in wikipedia refers to it as  the unicursal hexagram. In this quote: “Allegedly, the unicursal hexagram is used to express a high level of self-confidence and belief that one can achieve the highest of goals and even become some sort of a divine figure.” I called it “the force” in my book .

Well, I still don’t have a high level of self confidence and feel far from a divine figure. All I can say is that it felt like an arrow shooting for it’s target. It sent me into some sort of universe looking at stars surrounding me.

What freaks me out is that I know that this is the main Masonic symbol: the compass and square…. in disguise. Those people, somewhere along their 33 + degree must learn about this thing. Whoever “they” are and whatever “they” do for humankind’s evolution, that very, very powerful symbol is at the core of their power.

the Vortex

Right — I had seen this same symbol somewhere on the internet, an old painting of a mason within it, but I cannot find it anymore. It really surprised me again to see a connection. I called this one “the vortex” — it’s an energy that sucks you in. You go and go, and bang! It stops you abruptly and a voice tells you a message. Is it into the past, into the future, or into the present, carrying with it the truth of ever-lasting time?

This symbol also found its way into England a few years ago as  a crop circle as shown below.


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